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About us

Welcome to A9HIL8ION Apparel, the brainchild of three passionate billiard players hailing from Las Vegas, NV. With a collective 60 years of amateur pool playing experience in local leagues throughout Las Vegas, these friends joined forces to create a team named “A9HIL8ION.” The overwhelming positive response to their team shirt and logo ideas inspired them to embark on a journey to engineer a new line of billiard apparel for the entire billiard community.


Around 20 years ago, Tom, a member of an APA league team, sought a new team name as they embraced a new APA format called “Double Jeopardy.” This format included simultaneous 8-ball and 9-ball matches. Tom coined the name “Annihilation” and creatively incorporated the #9 and #8 inside the word (A9HIL8ION). While initially rejected by the team, the name found its revival in late 2021 when Tom became the captain of his current team on a new night.

After a year of using the team name, Florian “Venom” Kohler FINALLY mastered saying it during APA events. Inspired by a previous shirt manufacturer’s letdown, Tom and Ray ventured into sublimation printers and vinyl print and cut machines, producing stickers and other captivating billiard items. The A9HIL8ION logo started to gain popularity in their local pool hall and attracted the attention of Eric. A conversation ensued, leading to the trio’s commitment to bring A9HIL8ION Billiard Apparel to the wider billiard community. Now dedicated to engineering and designing the very best apparel for all pool players, they invite you to be part of the A9HIL8ION journey.

Join A9HIL8ION Billiard Apparel in elevating your billiard experience with premium, thoughtfully designed apparel.